Town Board

Town Board Members

Town Board Meetings and Workshops see the Town Calendar for dates and time.

Barbara A. Biittig

Town Clerk




Town Board Members and Committees:


Flora Fasoldt - Supervisor

674-2026 ext. 12 -

Currently Flora serves on the following committees:
Grants and Special Projects


Budget & Finance

Community Planning and Economic Development
Barbara Glasser - Councilwoman
674-2026 ext. 15 /


Currently Barbara serves on the following committees:

Emergency Planning and Preparedness

Community Substance Abuse Awareness/RAAD Liaison

Animal Control


Steve Beebie-  Councilman
674-2026 ext. 15
Currently Steve serves on the following committees:
Community Planning & Economic Development
Community Van Project

Public Works - Highway, Sewer, Building 

Chris Kronau - Councilwoman
674-2026 ext. 15 /

Currently Chris serves on the following committees:
Youth - Summer Day Camp and Community Events

Art, History and Culture

Ray Turner - Councilman
674-2026 ext. 15 /

Currently Ray serves on the following committees:
Buildings and Facilities - Town Hall, Parks, Beach

Infrastructure & Energy - Sewer, Water, Gas, Streeting Lighting, Solar

Zoning Code Update




Town of Sand Lake
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